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Inspiring individuals and organisations towards a powerful future

By nurturing and retaining people’s natural talent, reducing their stress and improving their resilience

Were you ever taught, formally taught, how to:
Make great decisions
Think clearly and independently
Be truly awake, aware and attentive

If not, then The Missing Trick is for you!

Nothing can reduce stress, increase resilience or effect culture change more easily and effectively than The Missing Trick.

Welcome to The Missing Trick a member of The Love at Work Foundation. Our company offers a range of specialist training courses to improve and enhance Decision Making: Key components are - Meditation, Mindfulness, Independent Thinking and Quality Decision Making.

Nigel Cutts, Company Founder

Why Choose Us?

Tailored, bespoke training

All of our courses are tailored to the needs of our individual customers, ensuring that you receive training which is specific to your needs.
Professional, experienced team

Our trainers are from a range of backgrounds including medics, nurses, fireman and doctors. Most of them have been delivering training for us since we first started up and they are all committed to teaching in an informative, enjoyable and interactive way. Take a look at our Testimonials to see what our customers have said.
Customer focused

Every aspect of our courses, from the content to the price, has been created with our customers in mind. We are always looking at ways to improve and adapt our courses to suit the ever-changing needs of our customers.